Wednesday, August 1, 2012

So Starts Volume 3!

I was serious when I said I was back, but getting back into full speed took a bit of time considering my obligations in life. So here I am! And hopefully I have everything planned out well enough to be able to stay here permanently this time...

One of the best parts of 2011 was writing and commenting within the brilliance of this blogosphere. It made me feel so much as though I was a part of the world as opposed to living in just an isolated little corner of it. I discovered new music, new friends, and new ways of looking at the world. And now after a year of almost no meaningful posts, I find myself longing once again for that sense of friendship and constant discovery. Who knows? Maybe something I share will touch somebody in a way that's positive and just as fulfilling.

I've gotten rid of some old features and integrated some new ones into this latest reboot, and I honestly believe that my readers will enjoy the change quite a bit. This volume of my blog will be focused more on original content and usable tips for both expatriate humans and homebound ones. I will also feature the stories and biographies of different ex-pats all over the world, as well as a weekly opportunity for me to express myself the way I can't really do on my Facebook wall anymore without starting a fight with friends and family. After all, this here blog is MY little corner of the interwebz, and nobody can go running to Zuckerberg when their feelings get hurt.

I in accordance to the unanimous ruling by "We Who Spend Way too much Frikkin' Time on the Internet", Saturday no longer exists. Yeah. We killed it. In its place, now resides the glorious day of Caturday where we show appreciation to our feline allies for making the Black Death less horrific than it already was. So in honor of this newly christened day of the week, I will be sharing my favorite music and Caturday related pictures that I have found from my perusing the internet (which is partly ruled by cats, fun fact).

And so begins the third installment of this hodgepodge of random thoughts and observations. I'm looking forward to making it stronger than ever, and hopefully THIS time nobody will want to press charges.....

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Anonymous said...

My friend. So happy you are back...again. I am looking forward to watching you let it all hang out, though I must say, reading your facebook debates with people is pretty interesting some days.

And perhaps now that I can comment here, I might actually get a response from you when I "say" something to you...come on didn't think I was going to let you off easy, did you??? =D