Thursday, December 20, 2007


Don't let this dirty little bastard's face fool you. He wants to ruin your hike by yelling at you until you lose it and fling a stick at he and his buddies. That's when he and his friends WILL throw poop on you.

You see, that's what he does, this supposed distant cousin to you and I. He wants no family reunion, no holiday cheer at the table of primate love, he just wants to throw poop on you.

I love all God's animals, I really do. In my particular belief system, all animals are bothers and sisters to humanity. But I have a ruined jacket that says "not this guy", I'd really rather have been bit I think.

And these things live in the jungle, how the hell did they get to eat CORN?


Dwacon® said...

I did my expatriation in Singapore. Fun, isn't it?

Merlyn Trey Hunter said...

I'm thinking Dr. Girlfriend is doing a good job keeping me here for a while. That and the 50 cent (equivalent) pineapples.

What was Singapore like? I've heard it's a pretty strict place despite it's pirate origins.

BillyWarhol said...


Perplexing Questions for All of Mankind!!


Nezha said...

Ah monkeys...they are funny little creatures (though i understand u might not agree,lol)

Tamera said...

Every family has a party-pooper!