Friday, December 14, 2007

Voices from Home

As the going purpose of this blog is to give folks some relief from the shock of living in another country, I'm going to keep chucking sign posts through the digital ether for your consideration.

When an American leaves their country for the first time, it can be quite unsettling. People driving on the "wrong" side of the road, playing "guess that critter" when buying meat at the store, and finding out that not all houses in the world are climate controlled are things you will have to put up with. At the end of a long day I sometimes felt like Sir Bill Murray in Lost in Translation, just sitting on my bed staring at the wall, just waiting to be confused again.

But the feelings of isolation you are experiencing can be soothed just as easily as they strike if'n you know where to look.

The internet has brought the entire world together in a very profound way. Chances are that your hometown radio station does a live internet broadcast. Even if you swear by your CD or MP3 collection and haven't listened to it in years, bring it up and let it stream. You see it's not the music that has the healing quality my wayward friend, believe it or's the commercials.

No that wasn't a typo, the commercials that once were the bane of listening to the radio are now welcome voices in your new home. I myself like to listen to the old Art Bell show (now A.M. Coast to Coast) at night. It's a show about UFOs and Bigfeet mostly, and it helps me feel at home late at night when it's just me with my thoughts. If there's a particular show that YOU are a fan of you can find it easily right here. You can use this site to track down just about any radio broadcast in the US. And like everything else I recommend to my readers, it's completely free and spamless!

In the quiet of night, even ten thousand miles away, voices from home can keep you company!

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