Friday, December 28, 2007

Survival Fact #2: To You, It's You That's Who

You are a traveler.

There was a plan in place for you to be born with this wanderlust long before even the sun was born.

Take in every moment, every second, and every breath you take and add it to the knowledge you've acquired.

You know that today's vagabond is tomorrow's wise elder.

A wise elder that still has a child's love of the journey, and the ongoing process of dicovering who you are.

And you know that process never stops, because you have never stopped.

Never stopped exploring, asking questions, and discovering the patterns that connect us all.

If you are ever afraid, or if you ever have doubt, just remember the child you were that always had to see what was around the next corner.

And revel in the fact that they are the ones still calling the shots!

Feel better? Good! Now go grab your English-Whateverish Dictionary and order that pizza, champ! Try rolling your r's when you say pepperoni this time! And speaking of things with lots of cheese, I need to tone down this post before the Precious Moments kids start appearing wanting to sell us things. The best way to do that is to leave you all with a story about a fellow traveler like yourself. Fictitious and geek canon as he may be, there's alot you can learn in these stories about feeling out of place.



Liz in Paris said...

You the COOLEST, I repeat, COOLEST man on earth. Don't take that as sarcasam either. This is day by day becoming my favorite blog!! ;)

But your wrong too, French pizza is't "foo foo" ;)


Nicole said...

I skip the Pizza for today - too much Garlic ;)

Cool and neat post - I like the idea of being wise one day :)

And hey, now your RSS is all gone? Fix it - please :)!!
I'm bad at keeping up the old fashioned way ;)

Merlyn Trey Hunter said...

I thought I fixed it the last time you mentioned it! My skills with this Blogger system are lacking apparently. I think you just have to hit the link now to subscribe, located above my "About me" area.

And Nicole, I was perusing your blogs (new & old), and I have to say that you already are pretty wise. I hope this correspondence lasts a while as I am curious to see how you and your art develop (no pun intended).I'm really glad to have met you, and I had you in mind along with other friends when I wrote this post.

Liz, you have my email address, and an open line whenever you feel the need to vent or talk again. You've made it though your fist month, so hang in there!

Anonymous said...

Hi there... =) thx 4 ur comment, but i think my blog still needs a bit of touch up from the blogger maestro (dunno)...

since u also had an excellent blog, starting today i put a link to ur blog...


Kali said...

What is that video from? That is too funny. I can't tell if its really bad acting or good acting? I am a big fan of Faulty Towers. Now, that is something I'd like to see.

Merlyn Trey Hunter said...

Merry Christmas Kali!

Nicole said...

Ah - didn't see it :D

Now you need a comment feed

*duck* :P

Another friend of mine introduced one yesterday, I can hook you up with his link, if you want ;)

(I still dislike blogger)

Oh - *blush* - thanks for the compliment!!
Yes, I love it a lot to have longer lasting "relationships" on the web.
Often doesn't work out, because people real Life interferes, but sometimes it does :)

Keep up the good work!!
Now I at least don't miss a post :)

Clare said...

Hey there,

Thanks for Stumbling Upon my site, how randomly nice of you! :) I love what you've got going here--especially the Fear and Loathing kitties. ^^


iloilo onfoot said...

heloo blog hopping and just found your cool blog:)... happy new year and keep on blogging!