Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Fun With Google Earth

Cool! The wicked witch of the west can kiss my ass! Here is something that makes her crystal ball look like five dollar webcam. There's alot of applications for this toy that include new levels of screwing with not-so-tech-savy minds.

This is my favorite:
Call your friend (preferrably one from another country)and tell him / her that you've been feeling dizzy and that you feel reality is drifting in and out of you or something similar. Tell them that you just need to talk to someone and get your bearings back. Bring up random smalltalk and eventually steer the conversation towards their hometown (preferrably in another country). While talking, bring the town up on Google Earth and take up all details. Then suddenly interrupt your friend with something like "OH! The FOUNTAIN at the center of town in the shape of Napoleon was so beautiful!" (presuming such a fountain was there, just using an example)
Your friend will undoubtedly stop dead in his tracks to digest this for a second. Seize that moment to go off on a rant about the way the streets were so cluttered and other details you shouldn't know about this place. Then make your voice fade out to silence saying something like "I'm going there now, Pierre! I'm.....going....there...nowwwww...." Then hang up! If done correctly, the prank should garner one of the following reactions:
1.) Your friend will think you have become some sort of enligtened being like Buddha, Mohammed, or Johnny Cash. In which case you can bank on him / her buying your next meal.
2.) Your friend will think you work for the CIA and start really hustling on their nefarious plans and get back to France.
3.) Think they're in the Matrix and hurt themselves quite badly trying to squeeze themselves through their phone's "talkie hole" in hopes of attending one of those sexy Zion raves because they are French.
4.) Go back to whatever it is they were watching on TV, because you do this kind of stupid shit to him all the time and he ain't buying it anymore.

So far, I've only got the fourth reaction. But to summarize, Google Earth rocks!

To my French brother-from-another-mother, Pierre,....thanks for being a good sport over the years! Good luck my friend!!


Nicole said...

Muah,...., I don't have noone to play that prank on, but it's a neat idea.
I'll keep it in mind ;)!

Merlyn Trey Hunter said...

Works every time on my Mum! This sounds like something you would do too!