Monday, December 10, 2007

Survival Tips Chapter 1: Poop Hitting the Fan

Beneath the same sky we share a view of the stars, and there is so much going on up there now I don't know if you've had a view of this comet since it's arrival, but it has lit up the sky down here to where there is a very real science fictiony look to the place. Hopefully you aren't in a place where the locals consider this an omen of some kind and demand sacrifice. If that's the case, I offer you this and this as possible resources to be utilized.

As this blog is first and foremost a survival guide, I feel it necessary to include some real advice on what to do if poop goes horribly, horrifically, catastrophically, or delightfully wrong while on your journeys. Even if you are in Japan.

Look for these and other useful tips as time goes on!

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