Monday, July 18, 2011

My Take on the News Corp Scandal

Now normally I would reserve most of my political rants to my other blog, but I've since somewhat let that go to the wayside in the interest of not appearing too rabid for friends and family who follow me. I will admit that my political compass tends to lean towards Left Libertarianism (yes it does exist…read your Chomsky), but this story should affect everyone of all political persuasions because regardless of where your political pendulum swings, we all hate corruption and dirty tricks. At least I do.

For the last 30 or so years, the top 1% of the most rich and powerful have amassed resources and companies, and have influenced governments with complete impunity and pretty much no consequences. Companies like BP can completely destroy an ecosystem and then turn around and get an apology from the elected officials of that country. Union Carbide can kill 8,000 people with bug spray due to gross negligence (and no regulations) and only have seven of it’s middle managers serve two-year sentences almost 30 years after the crime. I know that the US and the rest of the civilized world is still obsessed with terrorism, but I would submit to you that the bigger threat to freedom and well-being is the multinational corporation. There are more terrorists wearing Armani than turbans in this world, and they are capable of doing far much more damage.

Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. is one of those organizations. And they have systematically worked their tentacles into the governments and policies of almost all English-speaking countries in the world through their media. In the United States, we have an organization called Fox News that has completely muddied our political waters through blatant misinformation campaigns and underhanded tactics. Fox News is run by the very same man who was in charge of Richard Nixon's presidential campaign, Roger Ailes. And he is the perfect man for the job. Now because of he and Murdoch's influence, we have a huge swath of our population that literally has no idea what is going on in the world. And what they think they know is based solely through the prism of hard right wing conservative ideology. Thanks, dicks…

I have family members and friends who still believe there were weapons of mass distraction in Iraq, and that Obama is a communist-fascist-Islamic terrorist sleeper agent who hates God but strangely also wants to impose sharia law on the American population. This is why nothing is getting done in my country. Ideology and a hyper-inflated narcissistic version of patriotism has to come into play with every decision that government makes. And yes, it is the individual Fox viewer who is to blame for not checking facts on their own, or opening their minds to the possibility that they could be drinking ideological Kool-Aid. But as guilty as the your average Fox viewer is for neglecting to research things on their own, I place more blame on the purveyors of BS themselves and the talking heads in their employ.

So I've been giggling with every arrest over in Britain, and I really hope that our brain dead Department of Justice seriously looks into the activities of news Corp. in the United States as well. The arty have their fingers dug way too deep in our political process as it was George W. Bush's own cousin working for Fox  who announced his victory in Florida long before truckloads of Gore votes suddenly "disappeared". I have a feeling that if they actually do their job, the FBI will uncover things about Fox news that will make the British phone hacking scandal look like an episode of Punk’d. And when/if that happens, I can't wait to see the white washing and accusations of "liberal persecution" coming from their biological hot air factories. It's about time for this comic book villain-esque media conglomerate to get called out and exposed for what it is. We'll see though….

So this week I am making up for lost time yet again, and I'd like to thank the patience of all my readers. The tooth is doing much better, and I can focus a little better now that I am not medicated anymore. I missed my 20 year high school reunion this weekend, but thankfully have already reunited with most of the people that I miss from those days through Facebook. I am really digging this 21st century quite a bit, because even from a steamy jungle and Central America, I can still peek in on the world and the people I love so much.

Tomorrow will be my final installment of "Drunk History" as I feel that I have run that into the dirt and that we should really move on. But I have saved the funniest for last, and I'm sure you'll agree with me on that when you see it! Also, my back story will continue as with the other features of this blog that I have grown to love so much. Here's hoping that you are looking forward to as cool week as I am!


Byakuya said...

Wow that was rather formulated for a rant, I never heard about those 8,000 people getting taken out by bug sprays =\

It's pretty pathetic how major corporations get away with so much stuff. Sure they have money and power, doesn't mean they can bend the law.

Nice read, very enlightening

The Angry Lurker said...

Glad you're feeling better and the Murdoch thing has made me quite happy.

Melanie said...

One, totally agree with you. Two, I am glad you are feeling better - I have been missing my friend!

Tobais said...

The question would rather be, which government is not connected with media and vice versa..

Leila said...

"Don't steal. The government hates competition."

Have you read about the Skulls and Bones? Looking at ledgers of their families' broods festering up both Wall Street and Washington DC is quite the appalling read.

I read your other blog from time to time, but honestly (and it takes me courage to admit this), I have no stomach for political talk. I know sometimes I get into arguments, but I'm not as brushed in the political sciences as I would love or pretend to be. I just know one thing: they're ALL corrupt. Each radio station hails the "follow me!" slogan, and it doesn't matter to anyone what exactly they're following.

It's sad that the corporations can get away with so much, but just like in the olden days, government and corporations form alliances through marriage and investments. Don't believe me? Ask the dishes!

However, I have to disagree with your leftist libertarianism. I don't exactly know what your principles are, but to me socialism is born from an evil kleptomania. Sounds ridiculous? I know... Equal opportunity IS different from equal distribution last I recall.