Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Another Costa Rican Morning....

I absolutely love my host country. The monsoon season has subsided and the air has a cleanness to it that you have to experience to understand. Costa Rica has one of the largest and still undeveloped tracts of rain forest in the world. And my God, those trees can scrub air like you wouldn't believe. I have lived in pollution free air for a year now, and there's no way I could ever go back.

I used to live in Tampa, Florida which is arguably one of the most disgusting smelling cities in the US. Mostly because of all the cheap-o cigar companies churning out smokable poodle turds for those people "too cool" to just smoke cigarettes. You know those cigars that cost like 80 cents for a pack of like 10? All of them are made in that odiously stinky city.

Where are you right now this morning? Are you enjoying your morning in Europe, Asia, or any other continent?

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