Sunday, December 2, 2007

You are not alone!!

Nope, not in the least bit! Even though part of you really just wants to go home, you will adapt to this new place you've found yourself, I promise. No one is out to get you (unless you really DID do something), and no one begrudges you for being homesick. You will find that this experience will happen in stages until you finally arrive at a place of mind that few Americans ever know, cultural tolerance and adaptability.

Yes this will turn out to be one of the most memorable adventures of your life if culture shock doesn't chase you back home. You will learn more about the world and yourself than you ever thought possible. You will also learn what it is that makes us "American" and how that's perceived by the rest of the world.

Feel free to drop your comments and questions as everyone benefits from advice in this area. And the very nature of the way we live now leads to some pretty funny stories. I'll be sharing mine as I go along, but I'd love to hear from others as well! In the meantime, I'd like to leave you with a little motivational image to meditate on. I know it's helped me quite often!!


goldengoddess said...

Hello Merlyn,

Just wondered how many years you will be an exchange student? Do you speak the native language where you are now and what is that language?


Merlyn Trey Hunter said...

My Spanish is coming along rather well despite an accent Dr. Girlfriend insists I have. But I am an expatriate, not an exchange student. I just wanted my message to reach exchange students as well because of the transition being so tough sometimes.

As it stands, I will probably be here for some time as I have fallen in love with this little country.

Where are you right now? Wherever it is, I hope you're warm and surrounded by friends. Happy Holidays GG, stop by anytime as a very welcome guest!